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Common cause of Well pump overheating:

Well pumps are designed with the intake to the pump section directly above the motor. Most overheating problems are due to failure to install the well pump per the manufacturer's specifications. Each pump manufacturer will list “cooling requirements” specifying a minimum flow requirement of water over the motor to achieve proper cooling. For example, a 4” motor and pump that delivers 10 gpm be installed in a 6” well casing. The motor and pump will require 13 gpm to reach the required cooling flow of water over the motor. If you cannot verify incoming water is below pump and motor setting, a FlowSleeve of 4 inches is required.

The FlowSleeve routes the water over the motor creating the flow needed to cool the motor and insure a properly running pump. Storage tank, cisterns, ponds, water wells, and aeration systems installations are in definite need of a FlowSleeve.